1. Owner provides accommodation for guests who provide valid personal documents (ID/passport).
  2. In case of necessity Owner can offer different accommodation if there is any difference from already confirmed reservation.
  3. CHECK-IN is set up from 14:00 till 19:00 PM, otherwise per agreement with reception/management.
  4. Guests can use apartment for dates which are reserved and payed if respect all rules and conditions for accommodation (arrival/payment/etc.)
  5. Guests check out till 11:00 AM on departure day. If guests leave the apartment later than mentioned time they will pay full daily price per apartment.
  6. Extension of reservation can be provided by the Owner. Owner can offer different apartment which is available.
  7. Owner is not obliged to provide accommodation for guests who don’t comply requirements for CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT or don’t respect accommodation rules.
  8. Guests have rights to use apartment facility, common rooms and services.
  9. Guests are liable for damages on property according to valid regulations. Damages caused by Guests have to be reported to the Owner immediately, even if child or a close person caused the damage.
  10. Damages will be inspected and Owner has exclusive right for payment per caused damages in full price.
  11. Guests can use private parking per additional charge (more info on the reception). The Owner is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the guest’s vehicle.
  12. Owner is not responsible for leaving valuable things/items in the apartment.
  13. In the apartment Guests can use only own electrical appliances which are used for personal hygiene (shaving machines, hairdryers, etc.), then recharge laptops and mobile phones, but for safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to use their own kettles, immersion cookers, own heaters.
  14. Visits of non-accommodated persons in the apartment are not allowed, non-accommodated persons have to be accepted by the Owner.
  15. Guests are obliged to check every time they leave the apartment that the lights are turned off, the water closes turned off and the door is locked.
  16. Guests can leave the apartment with a key or keep the key in the key-box which is located by the entrance to the apartment building based on the assigned password. If the key is lost, the Owner charges a fee of 1500, – CZK.
  17. Guests have to be aware that in the apartment and in all other areas is strict ban on smoking and open fire for safety reasons. If this ban is violated the guests will be immediately charged (penalty of 3000,- CZK) and Owner reserves the right to terminate guests stay without right to any refund. When a fire is detected, guests inform the Owner.
  18. In the case of more than one week stay, towels are changed in the apartments. There is no room cleaning service for stay less than one week. Cleaning service is possible per Owner agreement.
  19. There are quite hours from 22:00 PM to 06:30 AM in the accommodation area, the guests should adapt their behavior. If guests are loud, disturb others and don’t respect quite hours, we have right to demand leaving apartments and our areas immediately without any right for refund or compensation.
  20. It is not appropriate to leave children younger than 10 years without adult supervision in all areas of accommodation.
  21. Pets are not allowed.
  22. The guests aren’t allowed to make substantial changes in the accommodation without the Owner‘s permission (moving furniture, tapping walls, moving furniture from the room, moving dishes from/to other rooms, etc.)
  23. The guests are obliged to follow apartments rules, in case of breaking these rules the Owner has the right to back out of the accommodation service before the expiry of the reservation dates. time.
  24. If the guests have any essential wishes/complaints during their stay, they may contact the staff who will make every effort to meet their requests.
  25. Owner has the right to refuse any reservation in case guest would not behave or use apartment responsibly incl. personal manners, public nuisance.
  26. Entrance right for employees – employees or authorized persons have right to enter the apartments and accomodation areas in order to check necessary maintenance/repairs etc.

Additional information:
Despite the fact we have provided all necessary information and details for accommodation, we are not responsible for any misunderstandings/mistakes/omission and we have right to change or remove any information if we consider it necessary.
Owner Imperial Partners a.s. and its employee are not responsible for any incidents out of own control or control ours suppliers (e.g. fire, strikes, employee protest, technical problems, transports or bad weather conditions) not even for potential shortening, cancelation or changing hours for accommodation which can be caused above mentioned issues.
Owner Imperial partners a.s. excludes any lost or damages on property which guests can suffer by employee’s negligence.